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Let's Do a Virtual Pop By | Zoom

Let's get together and do a zoom meeting.


Because I can show you what it is that's going on behind the scenes in the back end of the SellingToolz websites. And if you own a website, you're going to learn how to move the cheese forward. And if you don't own a website, you're going to see why you should do a Zoom meeting in order to see what's going on in the back end of the LeadBooker CRM and the Advance Websites.

There's so much going on back there that conversation just doesn't do it justice. I mean there's things in there of course where I can share some great insights…

The fact that you can see what's going on when a person visits your website, what they're looking at, how often they're looking, how they came to your site, and what time of day they came to your site.

I mean… there's even the search tools back there that let you search for the people who are most likely to be looking at real estate, or talking about real estate or going through their computer system to get to real estate…

At any given hour of the day.

So if you're going to call it two in the afternoon or six in the evening. Isn't it kind of cool to think that you can pull up that slice of people that are having their mind space into real estate at the time that you want to call.

Anyway, there's so much going on back there, that you really would do yourself a great service to take a look at the system from a behind the scenes perspective.

The other thing that's going to be powerful for you is start getting good at these zoom meetings, start getting really comfortable in front of the camera… because as we know, the market has changed. We've gone virtual, we've gotten virtual so much in fact that I have bought the domain names Virtual Pop By and Virtual Pop In… just because I couldn't make up my mind on which one I liked the most.

So from there, I would like you to help me make a decision. Tell me which one you think is the best. What I'm going to try to do is get you to do the zoom meeting live so that you're on camera.

Because truly, the more often you can do this, the better that you will become at being comfortable and being able to influence a positive frame of mind with your clients and prospects.

My name is James Osmar.

Let's do a Zoom

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