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ClickDigs home search app for real estate professionals
The ClickDigs the free home search app is a free App for Real Estate Professionals.
This is a great app that I think every single real estate agent should have in there... well known... as arrows in their quiver is what they call it, you should have this tool.
... And why? Because well, let me explain.
Selling real estate is all about adding value to your customer and client experience right! If you can connect with a person you're going to often do that because you add more value to their experience than they feel that they can possibly get from the person that they would otherwise choose, other than you.
So, are you going to call up and say the same old same old, or do you want to call up and meet people periodically and give them added value?
Click Digs!
By the way, I think ClickDigs is one of the most valuable ways of owning a piece of real estate in the minds and hearts of a prospective client, because you get a spot right on their homepage.
You are going to get your own "share page" with your own picture. And what's cool about that is when I click on that picture, my share page pops up. So what's cool about that now as you take that share page. when you the button down, you're going to see, there's going to be a share link. So what's cool about that now if I want to share the bookmark. I get to click on that in text message or email it to whom, ever I feel like sending it to.
So, how am I going to do that. Now, we've all been in restaurants where we've overheard people talking about buying or selling real estate. Isn't that a great time to walk up to a person and offer them something better than the magazine that they're looking at.
I think another great way is at an open house now this is going to be post COVID and as you can see I'm dawning my COVID haircut right now... So, when you are post COVID at an open house. We've all heard about how people that are signing in, enter the incorrect, phone number, whether that be on purpose or accidentally.
Well, here's a good strategy to be able to knock that possibility out of the park. As they're signing in, have them give you their phone number so that you can text them a great app that's going to increase their experience and their driving around the neighbourhood.
They get to see all houses in the neighbourhood, all the houses on the real estate board and you get to be that genuinely nice person who offered added value. Plus your branding is all over the app, your direct connection back to you your phone numbers, your your email address, everything leads right back to you.
That's why I say this is one of the most valuable pieces of technical real estate that you can own because you are right on the homepage of your prospective customers phone, that's just massively important when they think real estate. You are not somewhere back in the boonies, you're right on their phone in the palm of their hand,you can see what they're looking at when they're looking how often they're looking. If they save a favourite, you get a text message or an email... your choice.
Pretty darn cool!
So, if you'd like to know more about ClickDigs you can go to or you can go to Reach out to me if you'd like and I'll explain a little bit more.
James Osmar