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Realtors® are so lucky...

I got to thinking the other day about Darwin's theory and this environment that we're in... this new COVID environment is really wreaking havoc on a lot of industries. Real estate being I guess an essential service… this is very very valuable for you and I, because without it being an essential service, many people are going to go broke in this environment.


There's just no way of making money if your business is closed. Last night as thoughts were going through my head. Darwin popped into my head and I thought, isn't that interesting now how this is really truly like the culling of the herd. It really is survival of the fittest in real estate sales or any sales for that matter…


Most of us are somewhat familiar with Darwin's theory, it sounds a little harsh you know how the animals fight to survive, but this is really a fight for survival in the real estate genre, it really means is if you're not willing to fight to survive then move over and get out of the way, There are going to be three types of real estate agents that are going to be able to help people move in this environment.


The first group have saved well, they have money, they can continue working because they have money to carry themselves through this environment. The second group are going to work their tail off. That was me in 1987. I worked my tail off. I sold 33 properties in my first year in the business. After spending three months on the couch, basically sucking my thumb in the fetal position because I was afraid to talk to me, and then I realized I had to get off the couch and now more than ever have to get off the couch and work. If you do do this, you will survive.


Now there's the third group, and they're the ones that are going to do stellar in this environment, why I say they're going to do stellar in this environment is because, well, what's going to happen is they're going to work their tail off and they're not going to cut their marketing out completely, they're going to continue marketing, maybe that will bring their budget back in line, but they're going to keep a presence in their market.