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Adding Videos To Your Email Campaigns

Have you started adding video to your email follow-up email automations when reaching out to new leads?


In this video we are going to discuss how to inexpensively shoot video… look good, sound good and how to prepare yourself to get in front of the camera.


We are now in a new technical world where people are inundated with email, text messages and phone calls as well as a myriad of other advertising message strategies.


… Causing people to arm themselves with all kinds of screening and call blocking software.


This overabundance of advertising messages and sales pitches has caused an initial lack of lack of interest… a perfect storm of obstacles when trying reach out and connect with new buyers and sellers.


By adding video and audio to your email and text messages you’ll gain a strategic advantage and get past these walls that your consumer has built around themselves, you can cut down on your work load and more easily win over more clients.


Because by adding video to your follow up messages you will be able to reach more people and engage them in your message on their terms.