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How to Follow-up on Real Estate Leads

In this video we are going to discuss how to follow-up on real estate leads in a way that will create less stress and gain you more success!

I am referring to you and/or your team!

Over the past decade there's been a dramatic shift in the tools and the methods available to real estate agents when it comes to capturing and following up on new leads. 

The technology available in many respects was not even around just a few years ago… and because of this many real estate agents have found themselves falling behind more technically savvy Realtors®. 

I hear it all the time when speaking to Real Estate agents... They feel they cannot possibly catch up to those early adopters that focused on new technology.

...Or they say, I am way too old for that! 

I would like to remind you that you're not too old no matter what your age is. Just take a look at the likes of  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Larry Ellison… All would've been between mid 60s and mid 70s had Steve lived... and they did OK!

Consider this… 

Technology has been designed to make your life easier... FACT!

So focus on using new tools such as video and voice casting technology... they can easily be added to your email and text messages automations and it is a great way to reduce stress, increase your productivity and make you stand out when you are communicating with new leads.