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Google Funnels For Real Estate Leads Explained

Okay, well, I'll give you a little rundown and start with a rundown as to how the Google Pay Per Click Leads system essentially works.


People are going to go to Google or Facebook and look for a home in their targeted area and if they click on your ad they are going to automatically be redirected to your GoldRush Leads page.


On the First page we essentially just ask them for the area that they're looking in... on the step they define the price and the style of home that they're looking for. Then the third step is where the rubber hits the road and we asked for their contact information.


At which time they get a redirect to your branded website, your Advance Website, the page with all of the real estate board listings.


So now they've essentially hit their eureka moment, at least that's what we're trying to give them... that that immediate gratification of finding the mother lode of listings.


Then they get sent an email with a link to their search profile. It is there for them to save for future visits back to your website.


Your engagement processes to introduce yourself... I like to use as you know, the Courtesy Call, which is just a very simple script with the word courtesy in it. It is a very simple yet effective script.


I don't believe that you should qualify a person on the first call, you don't have any privilege at this point to ask them for how much money they make, you don't know them well enough.


And never asked if they are speaking with a Realtor®, a lot of people in real estate, they want to blow people off if they are working with a Realtor®


Well, I'm of a different frame of mind!


The consumer is a smart enough and savvy enough bunch of people that they will blow you off, you know, they'll lie to you to get rid of you. Because... you know, you're allowed to lie to two people on this planet. One of them's your ex-spouse, and the other one is the salesperson.


And that's the same way they seem to treat us. So as a salesperson, then I don't want to ask that question so that they don't blow me off. And if they're just thinking about using another Realtor®, I don't want to ask that question. Because then it doesn't give me an opportunity to let my personality and my system go to work so that they choose me instead.


As well... understanding the statistics, the average person takes 22 days before they make a buying decision, which is choosing you as a Realtor® t Even if they're buying in a year or selling in a year, they're going to make their decision early. So you let that system work for you.


On average 80% of your deals come after the sixth conversation. A conversation can be emailed, It can be a text message, and it can be of course telephone. So I recommend that you follow up immediately within 10 minutes. They say you will 100% or more likely chance of engaging that person. If you follow up within 30 minutes.


And then call again 3-5 hours later is what I recommend, because if the person's at work and they can't call you they're not going to answer. So In the meantime, the system has sent out an email a link to their search. Three hours later, it sends out a text message with the same link to their search.


So You now have them covered...


This is where I recommend the person use the iVoiceCast system, especially if they don't communicate with you. After three, four or five hours, send off a voice text Courtesy Call iVoice text.


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