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Site Example #1 | The Hansford & Jones Team

Craig Hansford and Josh Jones are London, Ontario real estate agents and are registered with The Realty Firm. They're a very active team in the London Ontario real estate market and are looking to expand rapidly and I have a very keen ear for what it is working in the real estate market today to gro...
Awesome Examples:

Site Example #2 | Laser Target With Video Ads

Target Market With YouTube Videos and get Guaranteed Page One Placements on Google and YouTube for FREE! Yes, You Read it Correctly... Get Guaranteed Page One Positons on Google & YouTube For FREE!. The cool thing about prospecting and marketing with video is that you have choices of either bein...
Awesome Examples:

Site Example #3 | What's Your Home Worth?

Are you thinking about selling? Prices are going up! Your home might be worth more than you think! . Compare Your Home To All Currently Active, Sold, Expired Listings & Market Assessed Values in your area.
Awesome Examples:

Site Example #4 |Low Branded PPC Test Drive Website

View 1000's of MLS® Houses, Homes and Condominiums - View Pictures, Videos and Details... Beat other Buyers to Hot New Listings, View Properties in Real Time As The Come Onto The Market
Awesome Examples:

Site Example #5| Mirror Mailer Websites

Find out what Homes in your neighbourhood are selling for. You will recieve by mail or Email a computerized printout on each property for sale or recently sold including the address and photo of home, A description of key features along with their list price.
Awesome Examples:

Site Example #6 | James Osmar | SellingToolz Ltd.

After 20 Years of being a leader in the real estate industry, James Osmar leveraged his many skill sets and moved on to building an online marketing presence developing lead generation, lead management and training systems for individual and comapny growth.
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